jueves, 9 de febrero de 2012

summer moved out. behind the scenes

Now that's probably sound very strange, but I would shoot this summer to remember. I have begun a quiet panic attack in August of that year came to an end. and, althoughonly a month and a half that we were on the verge hot, I really did not want to let go ofthis short season. noon, so I walked around the botanical, having a completely different light.
Last year I changed my attitude towards the midday sun is a very interesting light. I am often asked how I can remove the sunset, or manage costs while shootingoutdoors, a reflector (and rare)? and I, frankly, always a little surprised by thesequestions, because the light of day - not even the most simple, but very affordable, it can be. can every day (day veeees!) to practice and record. that have no limits in time and do not need to hire an assistant (as is the case of beginners in the study).are important only perseverance and practice. and must do!

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