lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

inspire me

I know what to fill in a blank board on the left. sometimes things or people that stay with you a while to become clear why and why are they so important to you. or vice versa, are not necessary at all. and more often, to make a decision, I need a little time. I kept putting it off until later in the morning, and suddenly the solution comes by itself. almost always is. I also love the reorganization and updating in order to lock herself in her room, where nothing changes over the years.

Today at 9:16 am I was on the balcony and stared at the pale purple sky. It was very peaceful and beautiful. you know this feeling inside? has an important place in the solar plexus. feeling that everything is as it should? sometimes, to have everything in place, you need a single step. and nice when you are in power, and a great desire to do this step.

about 5 hours I sat down some photos on flickr. I did not do a month (oh my god!), And has forgotten the number of positive words and giving people very warm generosity and joy. I looked through about 30 comentatrios and had no idea he would be delighted to almost everyone! very often the right things happen to us is very special, and is incredibly inspiring:)

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