miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2012

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I have not had time to see exactly when things changed. ending ineach story was the point of no return, which had the last hours, days or months. this is normal. I always say "this is - okay," even if all the joy on earth suddenly disappears and you are just fragments of memories. and not get lost in what already exists, not the love of inertia, which eventually stop and realize that in some situations, the choice is simply not included in the plan of action. are in the quiet moments of life are helpless sadness.

I was like a lump in my throat once in words unspoken. and the feeling that I stumbled around the middle, and right now someone decided to press the pause. I was sitting with a strange vision of things, and frozen expression on his face. and in fact rarelydisappoints. and even a little. than usual so you can not evendescribe or touch. but I'm so exact moment of frustration they feeleven more uncomfortable, precisely because of this discovery, that the fact.

and then comes a new spring. a time when many, many times on my knees trembled, not from fatigue but from love. and therefore, probably always will be. although no one told me that many of them have not experienced the slight tremor that creeps from the depthsof the body. Some people have the depth is entirely absent. I'm not saying that I am, I just know. and I'm sure this is enough.

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